What is Public Health?
It's about protecting people's health and well being. Public Health's Mission is to Prevent illness and injury, Promote good health practices, and Keep
the environment clean, healthy and safe.

    Prevent Illness & Injury        
    It costs far less to prevent a health problem than to treat one after it has developed. Fayette County Health Department offers a variety of
    services such as immunizations and health screenings. The health department educates Fayette County about Public Health threats and how
    to protect themselves in a Public Health Emergency.

    Promote Good Health Practices        
    Educating the public about health issues is a main goal of public health. Teen Pregnancy Prevention and many other programs help to
    increase awareness of healthy life choices

    Keep the Environment Clean, Healthy and Safe
    Protecting the public from environmental hazards is an important public health responsibility. See Environmental Health Services.
About the Public Health Logo
In 2007, the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO) launched a program to build
a national identity for local public health. The visual symbol helps establish a brand for governmental public
health departments.

The logo has three main components:
  • SYMBOL: The three pointed shield and stylized "plus" symbol have universal recognition associated
with health, with protection and with growth. The three point symmetry reinforces the three core functions
of public health.
  • COLORS: Blue, white and khaki are the colors of the United States Public Health Service uniform.
  • WORDS: The tag line is a simple, elegant statement about what public health does - and what public
health achieves.
For more information, visit the Illinois Department of Public Health: http://dph.illinois.gov/