Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) provides teens with evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs, including youth
development and curriculum based programs that reduce teen pregnancy and associated risk factors.  Puberty is also taught as the process of
physical changes by which a child's body matures into an adult body.

By conducting these programs in the Fayette County School districts, we hope to reduce the rates of pregnancies and births to youth in Fayette County,
reduce the risks of STD/STI's and increase parents/caretakers involvement and support during the times when changes occur in their children(s) lives.  
Programs aimed at reducing the rate of teen pregnancy include encouraging abstinence, providing education about birth control, promoting community
service activities, and teaching skills to cope with peer pressure.

Puberty, STD/STI, and Pregnancy Prevention Program - This program encourages youth to make better decisions regarding their sexual
health.  This program is 4-6 sessions in length and is offered to all Fayette County Junior High and Senior High health classes.  Students interviews
with parents, videos, guest speakers, and a standard curriculum.  Topics such as: cost of raising a baby, STD/STI transmission and prevention, puberty
and taking a responsibility for actions/setting boundaries are discussed.