Public Health Emergency Response       

To establish a disaster response procedure within Fayette County and coordinate
response plans with other local emergency response agencies in the event of a
disaster and to use under direction of the National Incident Management System
and the Incident Command System.

Situations and Assumptions
It is assumed that any disaster would cause considerable damage to property and
disrupt the delivery of basic life supporting service to area residents. The needs for
alternate sources of food, water and shelter as well as sanitary methods for the
disposal of waste and sewage will be a paramount concern. The Health
Department will play a vital role in ensuring safe alternative services.

Program Objectives
The public health response to a disaster is multifaceted. It may include food borne
illness outbreaks, water supply contamination, disaster response to floods,
tornadoes, emerging infections, or response to an act of bio-terrorism.

Fayette County Health Department will provide resources that will link and integrate
their preparedness activities to community level preparations for public health

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