Prenatal Workshops

Our Prenatal Workshops are facilitated by our Doulas and Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Classes are offered once a month on Wednesdays.

Fetal Development
We discuss Baby's ability in utero, including the five senses and movement.  We talk about changes in the body during pregnancy and comfort
measures for pregnancy including relaxation. We also talk about the choice to breastfeed and colostrum.  We discuss activities families can do to
develop a better understanding of their babies' abilities.

Labor & Delivery
Provide information on a positive birth experience. Discuss indications and methods to prevent preterm labor. We discuss labor process and
information on hospital proceedures during labor and delivery and afterwards including breastfeeding.

Bonding & Attachment
We discuss methods which enhance attachment/bonding. Breastfeeding pros and cons are discussed. "How to breastfeed" is demonstrated.

Parent Support
We will discuss a variety of subjects including birth plans, breast pumps, breastfeeding support, car seats and seat belts, SIDS, well child
checkups, immunizations, and infant development.

Call Fayette County Health Department at 618-283-5037 to learn more about Prenatal Workhops.
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