All Kids Program

What is All Kids?
All Kids is Illinois’ program for children who need comprehensive, affordable health insurance, regardless of
family income, immigration status or health condition. Every child deserves the chance to grow up healthy. With
All Kids, your children will be able to get the care they need, when they need it. It means you can take your child
to the doctor for a regular check-up, to the dentist to fill a cavity or to the eye doctor to get a prescription for glasses.

What does All Kids Cover?
All Kids is complete health insurance for your child. All Kids covers doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and
eyeglasses. All Kids covers regular check-ups and immunizations (shots). All Kids also covers special services like medical equipment, speech
therapy and physical therapy for children who need them.

Who can get All Kids?
Children can get All Kids health insurance if:
  • They live in Illinois.
  • They are age 18 or younger.
  • They meet the insurance requirements (see chart below)

Is there an income limit for All Kids?
No. Children can qualify for All Kids no matter how much money their parents earn. For more detailed information about All Kids costs see the Income
Standards & Cost Sharing Chart.

My kids live with their mother. Can I apply for All Kids?
No. The custodial parent must be the person filing the All Kids application. We take into account the size and family income of the custodial parent.

What happened to KidCare and Medicaid?
KidCare and Medicaid are now part of All Kids. Children who had KidCare or Medicaid are automatically enrolled in All Kids.

What about health insurance for parents?
Illinois’ FamilyCare health insurance covers parents but there is a limit to how much income parents can have to get FamilyCare. Parents and children
can apply on the same application. For more information check out the
FamilyCare Web site.

How do I find a doctor who accepts All Kids?
Illinois Health Connect is a program that works with All Kids to manage enrollees' healthcare by helping them pick a doctor or clinic for their medical
home. Most enrollees have to pick a medical home. Illinois Health Connect or the Illinois Client Enrollment Broker helps enrollees choose a medical
home. Until you have a health plan, you can call Illinois Health Connect at 1-877-912-1999 (TTY:1-866-565-8577) for help.

What is All Kids Rebate?
A rebate is a monthly amount we will pay families that pay for private or employer-sponsored healthcare. Only a few families with limited income qualify
for All Kids Rebate. Check the All Kids application for more information about which families can get All Kids Rebate.

How long will my child have All Kids coverage?
A child that is found eligible for All Kids has 12 months of guaranteed coverage, unless they move out of Illinois or turn 19.

We will send a notice 10 months after All Kids coverage starts for the family to renew for another year. At that time, some families may have to switch
from All Kids to their employer-sponsored insurance if we find that other insurance is affordable.

How does immigration status affect my child’s ability to get All Kids?
As long as children meet the other requirements, they can get All Kids regardless of immigration status. They must live in Illinois. If children come to
Illinois just to get medical care, they will not qualify for All Kids.

My son is not a citizen of the U.S. If he uses All Kids, will it keep him from becoming a permanent resident because he will be a public charge?

All Kids health insurance will not affect your child’s immigration status as long as your child does not receive long term care in a nursing home or
mental health facility. For more information about public charge, see
“Questions and Answers about Immigration and Public Charge” in HFS 3863.

If undocumented children apply for All Kids, will you report them to the United States government?
No. We will only check the immigration status of children who are not citizens if they give us their Alien Registration Numbers.

My son was born in the United States. Why does the All Kids application ask for proof that he is a citizen?
Illinois has to ask all citizens for proof because of a new federal law. Your child can get All Kids even if you do not have proof of citizenship.

Insurance Requirements for All Kids
Children can qualify for All Kids even if they have had insurance within the past 12 months, as long as their family’s income is less than the amounts
shown below.  There are some exceptions to this rule so read all of this section carefully.

Children can qualify for All Kids if they have insurance or lost it less than 12 months ago if their family’s income is less than the amounts shown below.
Look for your family size in the following list to find the income limit for children who already have insurance.

All Kids Income Limits for Children Who Have Insurance
Two person family:        $33,300 - $50,652 per year
Three person family:     $42,000 - $63,888 per year
Four person family:       $50,700 - $77,112 per year
Five person family:        $50,388 - $90,348  per year

The limit is higher for larger families.
Income guidelines are updated each year. For more detailed information about All Kids costs see the
Income Standards & Cost Sharing Chart.

I am a single mom with two kids. I earn $25,000 a year. I get health insurance from my job for my kids but it
does not cover dental care. Can my children get All Kids?
Yes. Because of your income, your children can get All Kids even if they have other health insurance. If your income was more than $34,000 a year, your
children would not qualify.

My child has health insurance now but it costs too much each month. Can I drop it and get All Kids?
If you drop your child’s health insurance, you will have to wait 12 months before your child can get All Kids unless your income is lower than the
amounts shown above.

My child’s health insurance ended when my job ended. Can my child get All Kids?
Yes. Your child can qualify. Even if you are paying your former employer for insurance under a COBRA plan, your child can get All Kids.

My child’s health insurance only covers hospital stays. Can my child get All Kids?
Yes. Health insurance that covers only one service or one medical condition does not count when we decide if your child can get All Kids. For instance,
insurance that only covers vision, dental, cancer or hospital stays or school-based health insurance does not count.

My child has a pre-existing medical condition. Can my child get All Kids?
Yes. Children who have a pre-existing medical condition can get All Kids.

All Kids Costs
Some families get All Kids for free. Some families have to pay premiums and co-payments for All Kids health insurance. What you pay will depend on
your income.

    Monthly Premiums - You may have to pay a monthly premium for your children to get All Kids. A premium is a monthly amount that some
    families must pay even if they do not use any health care that month.

    Co-Payments - You may also have to pay a part of the cost of the health care your child gets from a doctor, dentist or hospital. You may have to
    pay part of the cost of prescription drugs. These costs are called co-payments.

You will never have to pay a co-payment when your child gets a regular check-up or shots. These are called well-child visits and they are free for all
children enrolled in All Kids.  The amount of premiums and co-payments you will have to pay depends on your income, the size of your family and how
many of your children get All Kids.

What will All Kids premiums and co-payments cost an average family?
Here are some examples of what All Kids will cost. If you apply for All Kids and qualify, we will send you a notice telling you how much All Kids will cost
your family. We will send you a bill every month if you have to pay a premium.

    Example - A family of four that makes up to $27,000 of gross income each year does not have to pay any premiums or co-payments for their

    Example - A family of four that makes about $27,000 to $30,000 of gross income each year does not have to pay any premiums. A family like this
    pays a $2 co-payment for each doctor visit or prescription.

    Example - A family of four that makes about $30,000 to $40,000 of gross income each year pays premiums of $15 per month for one child and
    $25 for two children. A family like this pays co-payments of $5 for a visit to a doctor, and $3 or $5 for each prescription drug. This family would
    pay a maximum of $100 in total co-payments in a year.

    Example - A family of four that makes about $41,000 to $62,000 of gross income a year pays a premium of $40 per month for one child and $80
    a month for two children. A family like this would pay $10 for each doctor visit, and $3 or $7 for each prescription drug. This family would pay
    $100 if a child was hospitalized and 5 percent of the cost of any hospital outpatient service. The most this family would pay in hospital costs is
    $500 per child per year.

Remember, no family ever has to pay for their children’s regular check-ups and immunizations.
For more detailed information about All Kids costs see the
Income Standards & Cost Sharing Chart.

Do I have to pay my first premium to start All Kids coverage?
Coverage for new families enrolled in All Kids Premium Levels 1-8 may start before you pay the first month’s premium. If you get an approval letter and
do not want the coverage, you must contact 1-866-255-5437 right away to cancel the coverage. If you do not cancel the coverage, you may still owe
money for premiums even if you don’t use the All Kids card.

What happens if I do not pay my All Kids premiums?
If you do not pay All Kids premiums that you owe, we will cancel your child’s All Kids health insurance. You will still owe premiums for the time your child
was covered by All Kids even if you do not use the card. If you decide later that you want All Kids for your child, you will have to reapply, pay any
premiums you owe and your children will have to wait an extra three months before All Kids covers them. However, even if you owe premiums, you may
reapply at any time.

What happens if I do not pay my All Kids co-payments?
If you do not pay your co-payments, your doctor may refuse to treat your child and pharmacies will not fill your prescriptions. If you owe a co-payment,
doctors and hospitals have the right to collect it from you.

How do I Apply for All Kids?
  • The easiest way to apply is using the Internet: you can fill in and submit an All Kids application online. You will have to finish the application
    process by sending some documents, or Fayette County Health Department is an All Kids Agent and can assist you.
  • You can also download and print a copy of the All Kids application from the Web site.
  • There are All Kids Application Agents all over Illinois that can help you apply.
  • We can also send you an application in the mail, just call 1-866-All-Kids (1-866-255-5437). If you use a TTY, call 1-877-204-1012. The hotline
    has translation services available.

What Happens After I Apply?
All Kids will notify you by mail when a decision has been made.  If your child qualifies for All Kids, we will send you an All Kids member handbook to
explain how it works. We will also send you an All Kids member card.

Apply for All Kids:
All Kids Hotline 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437)       TTY: 1-877-204-1012

Apply Online
Apply for All Kids Online

Request Application
All Kids Applications may be requested by E-mail. All Kids Application Request or Call the All Kids Hotline 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437) TTY: 1-

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