Healthy Families Illinois

What is Health Families Illinois?

Health Families Illinois (HFI) is a FREE voluntary home visiting program starting at pregnancy and continues until the child's 3rd birthday.

Family Support Specialist (FSS) provide information on pregnancy, labor, and delivery, developmental milestones; what to expect a different ages,
parenting ideas, safety tips, how to calm babies and toddlers, well child visits and immunizations, and also help you build a strong bond with your
children.  The FSS will also help you find resources to reach goals in parenting, education, and budgeting.

As an added bonus, the FSS will take pictures of your baby weekly and make a baby book of your child as a keepsake.

Healthy Families participants are fortunate to have the HFI program in Fayette County and we hope that services are available for many years to come.

For information about Healthy Families call the Fayette County Health Department at (618) 283-1044.

To obtain a current list of Illinois program sites, contact the DHS Office of Family Health at (217) 782-2736.

Funding is provided through the Department of Human Services.

Who qualifies for this FREE service?

Pregnant women who are on WIC in Fayette County.

Being a parent is one of the most important things you will ever do.   
As a parent, you will have times that are exciting, some frustrating,
and some that are difficult.  HFI Family Support Specialists are here
to help!