Healthworks of Illinois is a health care system, which provides health care services for children in the custody of the Illinois Department of
Children and Family Services. It is a combined effort of the Departments of Human Services and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The system of health care for children in the custody of DCFS is called Healthworks of Illinois statewide. Regionally, the HEALTHWORKS of
ILLINOIS EFFINGHAM serves the following counties of Illinois: Clay, Crawford, Edwards, Effingham, Fayette, Hamilton, Jasper, Jefferson,
Lawrence, Marion, Richland, Wabash, and Wayne County. The program is being enforced by the Federal Court System.

Healthworks has a group of doctors who will treat the children in the custody of DCFS. These services include Initial Health Screenings,
Comprehensive Health Evaluations, and Ongoing Health Care.

Every foster child in the program will have a Health Passport. The Child's Health Passport contains his or her medical history and should be taken
to every doctor's visit to be updated. The Health Passport is to stay with the child. If a foster child should leave the foster home, please make sure
his or her Health Passport goes with the child to the new foster home.

Fayette County Health Department Healthworks Program provides services for Fayette County children from birth through age 5 in the custody of

Contact Fayette County Health Department to learn more.