The Fayette County Health Department was established in August of 1976
in the county seat of Vandalia, Illinois.  There was a severe need in the
county to expand home health services and a health department could meet
this need.  In 1984 WIC services were transferred to the Health Department
and the Maternal/Child Program moved into a separate building.  By 1987,
office space was crowded and the Health Department purchased the "Big
Blue House on the Hill".  The Maternal/Child Program immediately set up
operations in the new office and the following spring found the entire
department located in the house.  

In January 2011, the Health Department moved into a newly renovated
facility at 416 West Edwards Street in Vandalia.

The Fayette County Health Department offers many services to the citizens
of Fayette County.  Included in these services are Home Health, Hospice,  
Environmental Health, Public Health, and family and clinical services.

Many changes have occurred in the past 40+ years, but the primary
concern of the health department to promote and protect the health of its
residents has not. We welcome your questions or comments about our
services, or suggestions on how we can serve you better, please call us at

Mission Statement
"Making lives better by acquiring and maintaining excellent health."
"Big Blue House on the Hill" in Vandalia
416 West Edwards Street, Vandalia
January 2011-present
416 W. Edwards  |   Vandalia, IL 62471  |  PH: 618-283-1044  | WIC PH: 618-283-5037
FAX: (618)-283-5038 (Administration)  |  FAX: (618)-283-4195 (WIC and Public Health)  


Home Health & Hospice
416 W. Edwards  |  Vandalia, IL 62741  |  PH: (618)-283-7262  |  FAX: 618-283-5039